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- September 3 rd 1870 - the permanent committee for founding the Lower Secondary School requests authorization to function from the Ministry of Public Instruction, authorization which was issued in October 1870;
- November 2 nd 1870 - ALEXANDRU IOAN I Lower Secondary School starts courses with a class of 20 students;
I. 1870 - 1892 - "Alexandru Ioan I" Lower Secondary School;
Teachers: Vasile Balomir, Nicolae Beldiceanu, V. T. Lovinescu, A. R. Wagner;
Students: Arthur Gorovei, Stefan Soldanescu;
II. 1892 - 1923 - "Alecu Donici" Lower Secondary School;
winter 1892 - the lower secondary school moves into a new building;
1893 - the school library is founded;
- Following the terms of the 1898 Law of Education during the ministry of Spiru Haret, the first high school classes are founded in the autumn of 1920;
Teachers: Nicolae Apostol, George Stino, Anastase Spiridonescu, Mihai Stamatin etc.
Students: Mihail Sadoveanu, Eugen Lovinescu, Aurel Baesu, Constantin Ureche, Aurel George Stino, Anton Holban, Vasile Ciurea, Despina Sadoveanu etc.
III. 1923 - 1948 - "Nicu Gane" High School
April 1 st 1923 - the Ministry of Public Instruction approves the transformation of the lower secondary school into high school;
1928 - 1934 - new laws of education are given in Romania;
Teachers: George Stino, Dan Protopopescu, Virgil Tempeanu, Grigore Ilie, Nicolae Tolea, Sorin Gorovei, Gherghe Ursu, Vsile Ciurea etc.
Students: Ion Irimescu, Jules Cazaban, Grigore Vasiliu-Birlic, Petre Jitaru, Mihai Serban, Nicolae Grigoras, Horia Lovinescu, Gheorghe Diaconescu, Aurel Loghin, Constantin Ciopraga, Mihai Gafita, Mihai Bacescu etc.
- 1928 - 1929 - the first high school series of graduates having studied for 7 years;
- 1934 - 1935 - the high school education extends to the duration of 8 years;
IV. 1948 - 1989 - the high school in the post-war years;
1948 - a new law of education is approved; the high school is named No. 1 Mixed Middle School in Falticeni, whose courses have a duration of 11 years;
1964 - the Physics Laboratory is founded by Constantin Popa (physics teacher);
1969 - the school is renamed High School No. 1 Falticeni;
1970 - Celebration of the high school centenary and School regaining its original name;
1970 - the high school monography written by teacher Mihai Iacobescu and teacher Gheorghe Gafencu is published;
1977 - the high school offers specialization in Mechanics and Maths-Physics;
Students: Dan Nemeteanu, Nicolae Labis, Stefan S. Gorovei, Grigore Ilisei, Elena Stefoi etc.;
- The Association of Philological Sciences gathers its members from all over the country to participate in the sessions Mihail Sadoveanu (1980), Eugen Lovinescu (1981), Nicolae Labis (1986) and Nicu Gane (1988);
1988 - The High School Celebration days are initiated, with the yearly participation of distinguished graduates;
V. Transition to a new millennium
- 1990 - "Nicu Gane" High School becomes theoretical again, with specializations such as: Maths-Physics, Chemistry-Biology, Informatics, Philology, Foreign Languages, History-Social Sciences and Physical Education
- 1991 - the Informatics Laboratory is founded
- 1993 (14 th -15 th July) - celebration of 50 years from Eugen Lovinescu's death, in which participated Academicians such as Constantin Ciopraga and Eugen Simion and several professors along with Mircea Tomus (Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture)
- 1994 - the new series of OUR MAGAZINE is published
- 1994 - the English Laboratory is founded
- May 19 th -20 th 1995 - the celebration of 125 years since the foundation of "Nicu Gane" High School;
- 1999 - "Nicu Gane" Theoretical High School becomes "Nicu Gane" National College;
- 2000 - the Informatics Laboratory is modernized;
- 2001 - Eugen Lovinescu is celebrated through Meetings and Lectures;
- 2001 - the 85 th anniversary of Academician Constantin Ciopraga is celebrated;
- 2001, 2002 - the College Annuals are published;
- 2002, 2003 - OUR MAGAZINE is a prize winner in the National Contest of School Magazines;
- 2003 - the second Informatics Laboratory is equipped;
- 2003 - the Literature Office is supplied with materials updated to the school curriculum;
- 2003 - a new monography of "Nicu Gane" National College (1870-2003), written by the teachers Mioara Gafencu and Sorin Gafencu, is published;
- 2004 (June) - a visit from the participants representing the minorities in the National Olympiad of Romanian Literature;
- 2005 (March) - the French Speaking Countries Week is celebrated and filmed by TV5;
- 2005 - the slogan "Education for those willing to embrace it" is adopted;
- 2005 (May) - the meeting of the Comenius Project coordinators from Latvia, Lithuania and Germany;
- 2005 - the students' show dedicated to their parents becomes a tradition;
- 2005 (December 6 th ) - "Nicu Gane" National College hosts the "Nicolae Labis" National Symposium, with the participation of Mrs. Margareta Labis, Professor Dr. Mircea A. Diaconu, some writers, school inspectors and teachers of Romanian language and literature in the town and area;
- 2006 (February) - work session ANPRO (The National Association of Theachers of Romanian language and literature) having as theme "The Reading Workshop";
- 2006 - Eugen Lovinescu is celebrated;
- 2006 (September) - the AEL Laboratory is inaugurated, with support from the City Hall and representatives of the Parents' Committee;
- 2006 - renovation and consolidation of the school's Main Building, dating from 1892, begins;
- 2006 (November 29 th - December 2 nd ) - meeting of students and teachers form the participant countries in the Comenius Project "Creative Methods Used to Motivate Students to Learn Foreign Languages"(Italy, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania).

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